Grim Trails Haunted Attraction - Not for the Faint of Heart

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By Helen Bryant - Publisher - Macaroni Kid Louisville Central September 30, 2018

Finding the right family activity that will create some time together with your tween or teen can be difficult.  Here in the heart of Jeffersontown, Grim Trails Haunted Attraction provides seasonal scary fun for you and your family.  Think,  does your tween or teen love Halloween?  Do they love haunting tales and stories?  Do they like to watch, Stranger Things, Ghost Hunter or other similar shows on TV or on Youtube?  Did you read various bedtime stories such as Little Red Riding Hood, the Jungle Book or the 3 Little Pigs when they were little?  If so,  they are like my son and his friends who love all of the above and grew up knowing these classic children's tales.   

When we had the opportunity to experience Grim Trails for ourselves, my son and his friends jumped on the opportunity to be scared. We arrived right around 8 pm to get inline for this 3/4 of a mile haunted trail experience which twists and turns through a 4 acre area.  But before you start on our way on the trail, they take photos of your group, so you can remember what you looked like before your haunted experience.   The wooded trail is dark and creepy,  personal cameras, cell phones and flashlights are not allowed, then there are characters who lurk, who wander, who bang and scream.  

As you start of on this trail of doom, it takes you through a series of the dark, and twisted sides of beloved classic fairy tales such as Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, 3 Little Pigs, and Little Red Riding Hood just to name a few. Yet through this maze of dark turns, you become entranced with the amazing props and scenery.  Be warned, if you become too distracted with the scenery or concentrating on where you are walking on the dark trail, you will miss the shadows of characters who will jump out and make you scream. 

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What were our favorite Grim Trails story characters?  We are not going to tell.  They were all amazing and we do not want to spoil the fun for you!  Grim Trails is open on Friday and Saturday evenings through October 27.  Check our calendar for times, dates and more information about Grim Trails. 

Do you want your tween or teen to experience some Halloween fun?  Macaroni Kid Louisville Central has 2 tickets for 1 lucky subscriber!!  Be sure to like our Facebook post, comment and share then return here to enter!  The last day to enter is, October 5th at 9 PM. The winner will be confirmed via email and the tickets will be mailed to the winner within 24 hours upon confirmation from the winner!  

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