10 Things to Do In Louisville This Summer

My 2021 "Staycation" Bucket List with Kids

By Helen Bryant - Publisher - Macaroni Kid Louisville Central and Louisville SW June 18, 2021

Every summer I come up with a list of things I want to do on my "staycation" in Louisville with my kids.  Then as the summer progresses and school nears, I find myself thinking "I wish I did that or gone there." My excuses are the same each year too.  Busy with kids activities such as summer sports, work, weather was not good on the day you planned to go, then there are times we just don't plan or look at the list and don't even go. 

How is this year going to be different?  I am not sure it will be any different,  but I am going to make an attempt to take advantage of everything I can in our amazing city.  To make things simple for you (and it is not my complete list of things I want to do) here is a Top 10 List of things I want to do with my kids this summer:

Louisville FC Soccer Game
  • Tickets start as low as $18 each.  Hang out near the goals and watch the ball come to you from the field.  
  • Reserved seats starting as low as $13 each.  Then there are the various promotional giveaways, food specials, fireworks and more!  You never know if a foul ball will be hit in your direction. Be on the look out and have your glove ready. 
  • FREE!  Whether you are walking from Louisville to Southern Indiana for lunch or going the other way around with a picnic lunch on the waterfront. Enjoying the outdoors, exercise and time to bond with the kiddos is priceless. 
  • FREE (If you took advantage of the FREE annual membership in 2020 during COVID.)  What a great way to spend a cloudy / rainy day with the kids and learning history at the same time. 
  • New larger location on Hurstbourne Parkway in the Towne Fair Shopping Center.  Plan your day, birthday party or family reunion here and get out of the summer heat.  With VR, games, putt-putt and more!  It is fun for the whole family.  
  • Louisville is home to one of the largest caverns in the United States.  So large that is has been dubbed the "mega" cavern.  With a constant temperature of 50 degrees year round, it is a great place to bring your kids to enjoy the various activities out of the summer heat. 
  • FREE - While there are some activities and camps that you need to pay for, walking, biking, hiking and even fishing (as long as the adults have a fishing licenses) are FREE.  We love having a picnic at the park, riding our bikes, climbing the silos, walking our dog, listening to the frogs at several of the ponds around the park.  There is always something to do here in the outdoors. 
  • Located 15 miles south of downtown Louisville, Jefferson Memorial Forest gives you the opportunity to experience nature at its most spectacular – without leaving the city. Picnic underneath a towering oak tree. Grab a backpack and hit the trails. Or pitch a tent and take in the symphony of crickets and frogs. Whether you want to be adventurous, be inspired, or just be, the Forest offers all sorts of wonderful woodland possibilities. That’s the beauty of the Forest – it’s your adventure, and it doesn’t have to cost you a thing.
Local Farmers Market
  • Take your kids to your local farmers market and plan a meal on what you find there.  From fresh veggies, to breads, desserts and so much more! 
  • FREE - Even if your kids are not school aged, reading with your kids is important.